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This Website is Created Solely For the IHM as well as other Hotel Management Student who are aspiring to be a Hotelier With so much Questions in mind who come looking for a carrer in hotel management.

We thrive to inform the upcoming students and the current students with the facts of Hotel Industry. The Website is created for the students to Build communication and connect with the group.

Why are we Different ?

For the needs of hotel management students,we bring every necessary tool at one destination will help you throughout from entrance until your placement. Let's Say What if you can know the chances of getting a particular college after Giving NCHM JEE we promise to do that with our upcoming tool which will be free of cost.

Updated with the latest trends around the world but we also keep our audience in our mind, Our website is crisp with the IGNOU, NCHM JEE and term-end question prediction.

Not Satisfied, Don't worry put your Query in our discussion page and our team will help you in no time. We are from Hospitality Industry as well.

Team Members

Our Small team has put on lots of efforts to bulid this blog. And we ambitious team is completely dedicated to making Hmhelp a success. Together we are working hard to make a product we are proud of.

Sharmistha Pramanik

IHM, Bengaluru

Usra Nishat

Marwari Clg

Amit Kumar

IHM Kolkata

Sumit Deogam

IHM Kolkata

Aman Kumar

IHM Kolkata

Niraj Singh

IHM Lucknow

Sourav Raj

Vivek Vidyalaya

We are on a simple mission. Making flexible study and placement better. For everyone.

Today’s modern workforce is changing rapidly. More and more companies around the globe are adapting a flexible talent model. Very soon, more than 50% of our working population will not be in a traditional employment relation anymore but engaging in flexible jobs as temporary workers, contractors, freelancers or consultants.

Sadly, the stagnant workforce supply chain has not changed for decades i.e our college system. Traditional courses don’t reflect how we want work, making us inefficient and slow. They lack industry-centered structure. We are here to change that.

We believe that by having state of the art technology paired with dedicated workforce experts, we can build the operating system for flexible work and study and access to job placements for hotelier's around the world.