Common adulterants in food

Audio by AI Raveena

Butter and Cream:
Anatta is added to give a yellow tinge to butter. A byproduct of beef fat called oleomargarine is added in large quantities to butter. Cream is adulterated with gelatin and formaldehyde is added to increase the shelf life. Vanaspati is added to pure ghee and butter.

Ice Cream:
Washing powder is regularly added to add volume to ice cream.

Milk, Paneer, Khoya:
Urea, Starch and washing powder is added.

Tumeric, Coriander powder, Red Chilies:
Tumeric is mixed with metanil yellow, coloured chalk powder, aniline dyes; wood powder is added to both turmeric and coriander, while red chillies are mixed with Red colour dye, Sudan Red III colour and brick dust.

Argemone seeds are regularly added.

Spice Powder:
Barn is added along with synthetic colours.

Cinnamon Bark:
Cassia bark is added.

Cumin seeds:
Grass seeds coloured with charcoal is mixed.

Pulses: Moong, Chana etc
Lead Chromate is added on a regular basis. Kesari dal is added to Besan and yellow dal.

Iron filings, coloured tea leaves, used.

Chicory is mixed with the powder.

Wheat Flour:
Chalk powder, barn dust and sand are added.

Colours that have a harmful effect on the body are added to confectionary items that children consume on a regular basis and they include copper, Prussian blue, arsenic compounds, chrome yellow etc.

Copper salts are added to colour the vegetables with green.

Vegetable Oils:
Castor oil, Mineral oil, Argemone oil, Kranaja oil is added.



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