Misc-en-place in Banquet


  1. All cutlery should be on the table arranged neatly for the number of courses to be served.
  2. Fruit knives and for K are not kept but placed on the sideboards.
  3. A various wine glass is kept.
  4. Water goblets are placed (liqueur & cordial glasses are never placed).
  5. Salt and pepper shakers and the bread and butler are served on the table before the guest enter.
  6. The name of the guest is written on cards which are placed at the head of the covers where the guest is to sit.
  7. Seating should be arranged such that gentlemen and ladies are seated alternately. The husband and wife should sit opposite each other.
  8. A station number stand should be placed prominently for easy identification of waiters.
  9. Napkins should be attractively folded for each cover.
  10. Flower varies with fresh flowers should be placed on tables.