Opportunities in Kitchen Stewarding

Opportunities of kitchen stewarding

Opportunities of kitchen stewarding

Responsibilities of the manager:

1. Recruiting and training the kst staff.
2. Preparing the duty roster
3. Supervising the work of the staff
4. Ensuring the continuous supply of the well maintained, cleaned and polished pans and pots, large cooking vessels, and
service equipment for production and service departments.
5. Ensuring kitchen hygiene.
6. Keeping washing area and staff cafeteria neat and tidy.
7. Cleaning filters of kitchen exhausts systems and kitchen equipment
8. Sending epns for plating and keeping a record of the same.
9. Maintaining
10. Controlling the movement of stock of all food production and service equipments.
11. Exploring effective methods of carrying out various tasks
12. Maintaining washing machine, burnishing machine and other equipments
13. Pest control
14. Garbage disposal by adhering to local bodies.

Responsibilities of the stewards:

They engage in scullery, ware wash, garbage disposal, kitchen cleaning, pest control; cafeteria cleaning.
Tasks carried out by the department:
1. Pot Wash: Carried out either manually or by machines.pot wash is carried out in main kitchen and satellite kitchen.
2. Ware wash and maintenance of silver room: The main kitchens ware and coffee shop and IRD dish washing is done in
the main kitchen whereas the specialty restaurant ware is washed in the satellite dish washing kitchens.
3. Garbage Disposal , kitchen cleaning and pest control: a pest control schedule is prepared by the dept. and operations are
carried out in the night after closing. For garbage disposal different color coded bins are placed outside each restaurant:
Green (renewable and  recyclable material), Yellow (non renewable and recyclable material), red (non recyclable and non renewable).
4. Cafeteria Cleaning: It is the responsibility of the stewards to provide necessary tools and cleaning agents.