Organization of Banquet Department

Organization of Banquet Department

Banquet organization structure

           Banquet manager.

Banquet Sales Coordinator            Banquet Secretary

  Banquet Supervisor                         Banquet Sommelier

  Waiters                                               Waiters

 Casual Staff                                         Casual Staff

Following are the principal members of banquets:

Banquet Manager is the overall in charge of meeting banquet sales targets, developing banquet business, customer contact, banquet administration and supervising all arrangements.

Banquet Sales coordinator prepares sales kits, fact sheets layouts and proposed menus, visits potential guests to solicit business, conducts FAM tours of the facility.

Banquet Supervisor coordinates the resources for functions including table layouts staff scheduling and banquet setup.

Waiters and casual staff make the actual arrangement including carrying the furniture, setting table appointments and providing the service and clearance during and after the function.

Barman and sommelier run the mobile bar to provide alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages with wine service.

Porters There are generally two or three porters on the permanent banqueting staff. They are essential staff as there is a great deal of heavy work to be carried out

 The banquet secretary handles all correspondence and filing take bookings on phone and assist in FAM tours.

Sub-Contractors are outsourced experts to prepare a variety of services like photography, music, sweets, etc.


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