Personality Traits of housekeeping Management Personnel

carsten seubert
carsten seubert
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Personnel Attributes

Personnel attributes of housekeeping staff in the hospitality industry play an important role. It enhances the images of the property as well as the quality of personalization that only human can give. These attributes are based on the following term.

1. Personal hygiene The staff must take a regular bath. They must have clean hair. Manicure figure nails, clean hands and feet, and body or mouth odor should be present. Any transferable diseased must be reported immediately.

2. Personal grooming Housekeeping staff would be normally uniformed hence each staff member must ensure his/her uniform is crisp, clean and well ironed. Lady staff must wear light makeup and restrict their jewelers .a soft cologne is preferred. Hair must be tied in a bun.

3. Honesty Honesty is the best policy and it is a very essential attribute. For housekeeping staff as they have access to all guest bedrooms, sometimes guest belongings, either valuable or invaluable are often found lying around the room which may arouse temptation. Hence only honest personnel can defy the temptation.

4. Eye for detail This attribute enables housekeeping staffs to take note of the minute details in any given area. This term means that the person has a sharp eye to detect things. It is a view of this competency that women are selected as housekeepers and it is presumed that women acquire a greater eye for detail from their role at home. However, a man also comes into housekeeping and have shown this competency.

5. Courtesy It is a hallmark of the hotel profession which is used within the staffs and towards guests. Courtesy is a nature and sign of one’s desires to please to those with whom one comes in contact with. Courtesy must be spontaneous and genuine manner but not a technique. Being courtesy not only makes operation smooth but also enhances relationships.

6. Tact and diplomacy Often guest may request for facility and service that are outside the management policy. It takes a lot of tact and diplomacy to decline without hurting a guest feel. 7. Physical fitness Most work in housekeeping is manual. A housekeeping member on duty is on his /her feet on almost continuously. It would require sturdy physical built to cope with the demand of housekeeping work.

8. Cooperativeness Housekeeping staffs need to be cooperative with all employs from a different department to achieve efficiency in their work. Very often these attributes help to create a cozy environment.