Unit-1 English-In India, and the World

Unit-2 Global English and Indian English

Unit-3 The Globalization of Communications A Global Village

Unit-4 Globalization and Communication Skills

Unit-5 Verbal and Non Verbal Communication

Unit-6 Informal Interpersonal Functions

Unit-7 Small Talk

Unit-8 Making EnquiriesAsking Questions

Unit-9 Agreeing and Disagreeing

Unit-10 Conversation Conventions

Unit-11 Preparing for Interviews

Unit-12 Interview and Job Search Etiquette

Unit-13 Group Discussions and Meetings

Unit-14 Oral Presentation Skills and Public Speaking – 1

Unit-15 Oral Presentation Skills and Public Speaking – 2

Unit-16 Writing a Cv or Resume

Unit-17 Letters Structure and Conventions

Unit-18 The Language of Formal Letters

Unit-19 Some Kinds of Formal Letters

Unit-20 Job Related Letters

Unit-21 Language of Formal Reports

Unit-22 Some Kinds of Official Reports

Unit-23 Writing Summaries and Notes

Unit-24 Writing for Print-1

Unit-25 Writing for Print-2

Unit-26 Mediated Communication

Unit-27 The Radio

Unit-28 Television

Unit-29 Producing Content for ,Radio and Television

Unit-30 Listening to English Over the Media

Unit-31 Networks and Multimedia

Unit-32 W’rlllnc for The World Wide Web

Unit-33 Corporate Communications

Unit-34 Using The Right Words American Or British

Unit-35 Language Skills for Web Content Writing

Unit-36 The Non – Literal Use Of Language

Unit-37 Rhetoric And Grammar

Unit-38 A First Guide To Argumentation

Unit-39 More Fallacies And Arguments In Advertising

Unit-40 Presuppositions, Dilemmas and Language