26 Types Of Service in hotel | Fnb Service

26 Types Of Service in hotel

Introduction / What is f&b and F&b Service ?:

  • F&B stands for food and beverage. It encompasses all the food and drink offerings available at a hotel, including restaurants, bars, room service, and catering for events. F&B service refers to the way food and drinks are provided to guests in a hotel.
  • It involves various methods such as table service, buffet service, room service, and specialized services like robotic service or mobile pantries. The goal of F&B service is to ensure that guests have access to delicious and satisfying meals and drinks throughout their stay.

Hotels are a vital part of the travel and tourism industry, providing travelers with comfortable and convenient accommodation during their travels. Hotels offer various services to their guests, from basic amenities like a comfortable bed and clean bathroom to more luxurious services like spa treatments and gourmet dining. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll take a look at the different types of service offered in hotels, so you can get a better understanding of what to expect when booking your next hotel stay

1. Table Service What is table service ?

Within this types of food and beverage service, the guests go into the dining room space and take chairs. The guests then put their orders to the server.

2. English or Family Service What is English service ?

Here, in this type of Service the server leads actively in this kind of service. The waiter brings food on platters, reveals it to the guest for acceptance, and then puts the platters on the tables. The server makes food portions and functions the guests allow the server to put it on the plate. To replenish the guests’ plates, the fnb service waiter takes the platters around to serve or to let the guests help themselves. This is a frequent English or family service in specialty restaurants where clients spend additional time on the restaurant. And the food and beverage service of the hotel has to make sure that the guest receive proper care for their food and delivered on time.

3. American or Plate Service/ What is American service ?

In this types of service food has been served on the guest’s plate in the kitchen in which is already portioned. The accompaniments served with all the food, the color, and the look is predetermined from the kitchen. The food plates prepared are brought to the guest. This service is often used at a coffee shop where delivery must be fast and people are in hurry.

4. French Service

It’s quite personalized types of service and has personal support. The food has been taken in platters and casseroles and retained on the dining table of guests close to their plates. The guests then assist themselves. It’s a costly and elaborate service widely utilized in fine restaurants. this types of service It has two variations

5. Cart French Service

In this types of service The food is ready and kept on tableside. The guests select food out of the cart when sitting at their tables and are served on the right. It’s provided for small groups of VIPs.

Types Of Service in hotel

6. Banquet French Service 

The servers serve food on every person’s plate out of the guest’s left side. For replenishment, the servers maintain the food platters in front of the guests.

7. Gueridon Service

In this types of service, partly cooked meals in the kitchen are taken to the Gueridon Trolley for cooking it entirely. This semi-cooking is done together near the guest table for attaining a specific look and aroma of food, and for displaying showmanship by the food and beverage service team. Additionally, it supplies an entire view of food. The fnb service server should execute the cooking skills somewhat and must be dexterous.

8.Silver Service

Within this service, the food has been introduced on silver platters and casseroles. The food is portioned to silver platters from the kitchen. The platters are set on the sideboard with burners or hot dishes. In the time of serving, the food and beverage service waiter chooses the dish from a hot plate and introduces it to the server for acceptance and serves every guest using a service spoon and fork.

9. Russian Service

It’s equal to the Cart French service barring the servers set the food onto the platters and serve it on the left side.

10. Assisted Service

the guests go into the dining room, collect their dishes, and visit buffet counters and assist themselves. The guests may partly get service at the dining table or replenish their particular plates.

11. Buffet Service

fnb service

In this kind of service, the guests receive plates out of the pile and extend to the buffet counter where food has been retained in massive casseroles and platters with leftovers. The guests can serve themselves can ask the server supporting the buffet table to function. At sit-down buffet restaurants, the tables have been organized with crockery and cutlery at which guests may sit and eat, then replenish their dishes.

12. Self Service

Within this types of Service, the guests go into the dining room area and choose food items. They cover for vouchers various food items. They visit the meals counter and give the vouchers to avail the food. The guests are needed to take their plates to the table and consume them.

The menu and the distance are restricted; the cutlery is passed over to the guests. The tables aren’t covered. Occasionally substantial chairs are offered to consume food on narrow tables in this types of service. It’s fast support.

self fnb service

13. Single Point Service

Within this kind of service, the guest requests to pay for his purchase and has served all at one stage. There might be no dining room or chairs. Listed below are the various Procedures of Single Point Service.
This is a range of autonomous counters where the clients can purchase eat, or purchase from lots of distinct counters and consume an adjoining eating area.

different types of service in hotel

14. Kiosks

The client enters the decision and quantity of cash physically and the machine dispenses what the client needed accurately.

15. Robotic Service

Robotic service in the context of a hotel refers to the use of robots to perform various tasks related to guest service. This can include tasks such as delivering items to guest rooms, providing information or assistance, and even serving food and drinks in some cases.

Robotic service is becoming increasingly popular in the hospitality industry due to advancements in technology. Hotels may employ robots equipped with sensors and navigation systems to autonomously navigate through corridors and deliver items to guest rooms. These robots can interact with guests through voice commands or touchscreens to provide assistance or answer questions.

16. Vending

The client can receive food or beverage support by way of automatic machines. The vending machines have been set up in industrial canteens, shopping facilities, and airports.

17. Special Service

It’s known as particular service since it offers food and drink in the areas that aren’t intended for food & drink services. Listed here are the various procedures of special support.

18. Grill Room Service

In this kind of service, various vegetables and legumes are exhibited for greater view and selection. The counter is decorated with great aesthetics, and the guest could pick vegetables or meat of choice. The guest then takes a seat and can be served cooked food with accompaniments.

19. Tray Service

Method of service of whole or part of the meal on a tray to the client in situ, like hospitals, aircraft, or railway catering.

20. Trolley/Gueridon Service

Food is cooked, either finished or presented to the guest in a desk, from a moveable trolley. For instance, food served on trollies for office employees or in aircrafts and trains.

food and beverage service

21. Home Delivery

Food delivered to a customer’s home or place of work. For instance, home delivery of pizza or Meals on Wheels.

22. Lounge Service

Service of variety of foods and beverages in the lounge area of a hotel or separate location.

23. Room Service

In this types of service in hotel the food is served to guests in their allotted rooms in resorts. Small orders have been served in trays. Important meals are carried to the area on trolleys. The guest puts his arrangement with the room service order taker.

The waiter gets the purchase and transmits the exact same to the kitchen. Meanwhile, he prepares his plate or trolley. He then goes into the hive to prepare and accept the bill. Then he takes the invoice together with the food order for the guests’ signature or payment. Usually, clearance of soiled dishes in the room is completed after half an hour or even an hour. However, the guest can phone Room Service for the clearance as and if he’s finished with the meal.

24. Automatic or Conveyor Belt Service

Food is transported to guests using a system of conveyor belts or automated machines. The system is set up to deliver food items from the kitchen or preparation area directly to the guests’ location. Guests receive their orders without the need for direct human interaction, streamlining the delivery process. This type of service is often used in fast-paced environments or settings where efficiency is crucial.

25. Blue Plate Service

Food is presented and served on special blue plates. Blue plate service is typically reserved for specific promotions, special occasions, or themed events.The use of blue plates may be intended to create a unique dining experience or to highlight certain menu items. Guests may associate blue plate service with a sense of novelty or exclusivity, adding to the overall dining experience.

26.Mobile Pantries

Food and beverages are transported to guests using mobile carts or trays. These mobile pantries allow hotel staff to bring food and drink offerings to different areas of the hotel, such as conference rooms, lounges, or outdoor spaces. Mobile pantries offer flexibility in catering to guests’ needs and preferences, ensuring that they have access to refreshments wherever they are.

This type of service is particularly useful for events or gatherings held in various locations throughout the hotel, as it eliminates the need for guests to travel to a central dining area.

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