6 Video Personalisation Ideas Hospitality Industry Leaders Must Know

According to WYZOWL, statistics from 2022 state that 81% of marketers say personalising videos for their customers has directly helped increase sales. In fact, 49% say that adapting to the video format has helped reduce support calls from confused customers. The hospitality industry is always at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies, and now it’s time to market themselves using videos to further progress. Choosing the right video editing software should be one of the first steps. 

Why is Video Personalisation Important for the Hospitality Industry?

Before we find good software for you, let’s find out why video is important for you. Video personalisation helps you collect essential data on your guests’ dislikes and likes, preferences, wants and needs. You can use this data to send them potential advertisements personalised for them. This will pique their interest and help increase your ROI and decrease wastage. Let’s discuss video personalisation in detail and how it will help modernise the hospitality industry.

  1. Customisation trumps standardisation

Compared to standardisation, the demand for customisation has increased tremendously in the last few years. This major shift is due to two key demographics: Gen Zs and millennials. These groups don’t want something ordinary. They want unique services and experiences. They would prefer to see their needs addressed through personalised videos, then have some boring speech by so-called experts. They care more about their social status, and videos that talk to them directly are an effective way of interacting with them.

  1. Personalised customer service is the trend now

Personalised customer services are the new trend now, and the trend keeps on growing as time passes. Gone are the days when people would accept whatever was served to them. They are more informed about travel and only prefer personalised experiences. This also means recording their preferences to have the same experience the next time they visit and avoiding repeating their preferences the second time.

The hospitality crew can greet them by their name when they arrive, creating a personal bond that will go a long way in retaining potential customers and improving their experience.

  1. Modern technology plays a critical role

Technology has come a long way to a point where almost everyone is online all the time. The industry can use this to their benefit and use personalised video or video bots to schedule different video ads at different times. This will allow your guests to feel more connected and develop familiarity with you. You will be happy to know that many agencies have trained AI-based video bots to create personalised videos from your data.

Top 6 Video Personalization Ideas

  1. A Welcome Video: As a hospitality industry leader, creating personalised welcome and greetings videos should be your priority. But, how do you do that? Create a unique video featuring the manager or the CEO. The video should start with greetings and letting the customers know that their comfort is what matters to you. Then begin showing some of the amenities you can provide for their stay. In the end, you can add a message such as, “If you have any doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to ask our staff.” By using the trimming feature of your video editing software, one can create interesting and welcoming videos for your guests. 
  1. Hotel Amenities Video: Videos go a long way in showing off your hotel’s amenities. They can capture the viewer’s attention like no other medium. Ask yourself which sounds best, “Let us tell you about some of our amenities,” or “Let us show you some of our amenities.” Create a high-quality professional video showing off some of your best amenities. It will influence their minds about staying at your hotel when delivered to your potential guests.
  1. Room Service Video: Room service is a basic amenity that every hotel provides. You can make yours special by creating a video about your room service and everything it offers. Try including some special discount or promo offer in the video. The video should be all about visuals. This is where you get to shine. Use special online video trimmer to trim out any unwanted portions of the video. Only include visuals that look and sound great.
  1. In-Room Dining Video: A lot of hotels provide in-room dining options. Create a video showing all the dishes that your hotel has to offer. This will help guests make an informed choice about their food. It’s one thing to read the name of a dish and a whole new thing to see it for it is.
  1. Local Attraction Video: Sometimes, a hotel might have to provide an outdoor ambience. People like to get fresh air outside their rooms. So if your hotel happens to have an outdoor pool or garden to walk around, it would be fantastic. Create a video on the outdoor experiences as well.
  1. Your Best Customer Testimonials Video: How best to describe your hotel without explaining it? You do it through customer testimonials. Create a video of your customer’s best experiences. You can ask your guests to say something positive about their stay and make it into a video. It will most definitely build trust and credibility in your brand.

Wrapping Up

As you can see, the benefits of personalised videos for your guests are enormous. You could potentially change the whole outlook of your hotel in this format. What we described here is just the tip of the iceberg. You can do a whole lot more with videos.

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