Advantages and Disadvantages of Gueridon

Advantages and Disadvantages of Gueridon

What is Gueridon Service ?

Gueridon service is where food is prepared or cooked at the table and served using full silver service techniques. This service style is not common for large banquets and is only suited to intimate situations, whether catering to high-end clients or for special occasions such as romantic meals.

Gueridon service has its own advantages and limitations.



The advantages as follows:

  • Highly personalized service. The wait staff prepares or carves the dish and serves the guest personally.
  • High level of customer satisfaction. The dishes are prepared, carved or flambéed in the guest’s presence.
  • Good merchandising device. Guests will be tempted to order for dishes that are served from the trolley.
  • Wait staff can exhibit their culinary, carving and service skills. The wait staff has an opportunity to impress the guests by demonstrating its cooking, flambéing, carving, and skills to them. It also gives them good job satisfaction.
  •   High average spending power (high revenue/cover). The revenue generated will be more as the dishes served from the trolley are always expensive.


  • The limitations are as follows:
  • Slow service. The time taken to extend the service from the trolley is more.
  • Low seat turnover. The number of times a seat is sold during the operation hours will low as the service takes more time.
  • Expensive style of service- as it requires more service area and highly skilled staff.
  • The chance of accidents are more.
  • More investment in-service equipment.
  • Cooking in the service area may leave an odour.


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