Selecting and planning of light & Heavy Equipments

Selecting and planning of light & Heavy Equipments


The equipment used in food and beverage outlets can be categorized into ‘heavy-duty’ and ‘light-duty’ equipment. As the name refers, the heavy-duty equipment is too heavy to move and shift. Working tables, refrigerators, bain-marie, deep freezers, food cabinets, and trolleys usually come under this category. On the other hand, the light-duty equipment is smaller in size and easy to carry. Trays, crockery, cutlery glassware, and flatware come under this category.

Heavy-duty equipment:  These are large in size and difficult to move around. So, great care must be taken while planning to purchase and locating them. Once the heavy equipment is located or fixed, it is difficult to shift it. So, identifying the correct locations for the first time is very important. As the heavy-duty equipment is expensive therefore, it is necessary to check its durability and lifetime warranty.

Light-duty Equipment: This category mainly consists of crockery, glassware, cutlery, and linen. As these are small in size, there is a lot of probability of misuse and pilferage. So, great care must be taken when selecting and deciding on stock levels.

Factors to be considered while purchasing Equipment

     The purchase should reduce labor costs.

     The equipment should make monotonous jobs quicker and easier.

     It should look attractive and clean in guest areas

     It should have long durability for better value for money;

  The equipment should be easy to operate and maintain.

     It should increase production and service standards.

     It must be of multiple uses.

     It should fit in the available space.

     Most importantly, the equipment should be energy efficient.


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