Standard Operating manuals – Job procedures

Standard operating manuals-Job procedures

A job procedure specifies the way in which a task is to be performed. Job procedures should be used during induction and training sessions and ought to be incorporated into the department’s procedure manuals. Updating job procedures is necessary as and when changes in equipment, cleaning materials, and so on, occur. They are most popularly called ‘SOP’s’ or standard operating procedures. They are also referred to as ‘work cards’ or ‘order of work’ documents.

SOP’s comprise the following information:

  •   The job to be done
  •   Equipment and materials required
  •  Procedure of work
  •   Safety factors
  •  Time required to do the job

The goals in establishing SOP’s are as follows:

  •  To aid standardization
  • To help in training
  •   To preserve surfaces and materials
  •   To ensure the completion of a task successfully
  •  To effect a saving on cleaning equipment and agents
  • To prevent accidents
  •   To help in training
  •   To ensure the completion of a task successfully
  •  To aid the compiling of work schedules and help in staffing requirements


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