Types of Sandwiches


1). Sandwich Cake: Those look like iced layer Cakes and for these , round bread loaves are used .They are sliced in two or three round slices , a different savoury spread and iced on top with soft icing containing butter cheese etc. It is cut into wedges like Cakes.

2). Loaf: The loaf bread is taken and sliced length ,wise ,filled and iced in the same way as sandwich cake .It is sliced across the bread and served.

3).Pinwheel: he top crust is taken out of the sandwich loaf .It is taken sliced lengthwise, and butter and soft filling spread evenly ,which is of a Colour to contrast with the spread. Each slice is rolled and wrapped firmly in a foil and chilled till it is set. It is cut into thin slices and served.

4).Ribbon: They are prepared by using the coloured breads .Two slices of brown bread and one of white or rice versa .The sandwiches are made with three slices ,and two different coloured fillings are used, they are cut into thin stripes and are served.

5).Double Decker : Three slices are used the filling placed on top , the next slices is buttered and placed on top , lettuce ,tomato and cucumber placed on top of this slice .The final slice is Placed on position , pressed at rimmed and held together with a Plastic cocktail stick with stuffed olive or cherry.

6).Club Sandwich: The sandwich is usually served hot and consists of two buttered slices of toast. One slice is the base on which sliced cooked chicken ,Egg lettuce ,tomato grilled bacon, and mayonnaise or ham is placed .The other slice of toast is placed on top pressed ,trimmed and decorated ,served between the folds of a paper napkin.

7).Book maker : This is a buttered , roll or French Bread with French mustard and a grilled streak in between .

8). Broad way : Two layers of toast with smoked , Salmon ,Shredded lettuce, sliced hard boiled eggs, served with mayonnaise.

9).Conventional closed sandwich : Two slices of bread with any fillings, cut into two without cutting crust.

types of sandwiches

10).Tea sandwich : Thin slices of bread are used with any fillings cut into triangles and crust removed.

11). Buffet sandwich : Smaller than conventional triangles , fingers or squares and fancy shapes.

12).French Sandwich: Consists of thin slices cut from French loaf and fillings added between two slices.

13).Grilled Sandwich : Two slices of bread with fillings grilled and then served .They are hot Sandwiches.

14).Canapes :canapé (French: [kanape]) is a type of hors d’oeuvre, a small, prepared, and often decorative food, consisting of a small piece of bread (sometimes toasted), puff pastry, or a cracker wrapped around or topped with some savoury food, held in the fingers and often eaten in one bite.

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