Equipment found in the larder



· These two machines have an important function in the larder. The mincer is used for the mincing of raw meats for sausages, hamburgers, meat loaves, mincing of fats prior to rendering for dripping.
· A food processor is a useful tool in the mixing of the raw and cooked farces, pates, mousses and puree mixtures as well as some sauces. It is also handy for the making of breadcrumbs from the day old breads.
· These metal machines are quite expensive and should be robust for heavy duty for
commercial use.
· The mincing and the processor attachments can be dismantled for cleaning which should be done with hot water containing grease solvents, then rinsed and dried before re-assembling.
· The machine needs to be lubricated at regular intervals with the lubricating oil.
· The operator should study the instruction manual to become familiar with the oiling points.


· Is used for cutting slices of cooked meats such as ham or tongue, or any other boneless joints of meat.
· It is also used for cutting bacon or gammon rashers.
· A calibrated scale is fitted to determine the thickness of the slices.
· They may be hand-operated, semi-automated or fully automatic.
· The cleaning of the machine should be done carefully following the instructions on the manual. No food should be left clinging to the parts which cannot be removed for cleaning as the bacterial growth will occur.
· The blades should be kept sharp always using the grindstone attachment provided along.
· The machine should be kept lubricated with the oil provided.


· There are various types of weighing scales- large platform scales for weighing large meat joints. There are graduated scales fitted with a price chart showing the prices at a glance.
· No maintenance is necessary other than keeping them clean and hygienic. Sponging them with a cloth soaked in hot water and then drying thoroughly will do the needful. The pans of the smaller scales should be removed and washed well in hot water.
· Foodstuff should not be placed directly onto the platform or the pans of the scales but should be kept in some container or trays or a sheet of grease proof paper when being weighed.


· This machine is used for grinding an edge on knives and choppers or cleavers. It should be used if only the carborundum stone fails to set an edge. Frequent use will wear the knives and the choppers down very fast.
· Make sure that there is sufficient water in the well and the grindstone is wet while the sharpening takes place.
· Keep the machine clean.
· Lubricate the machine as per the instructions in the manual.


· These are used to heat or cook as required such as cooking the vegetable hors d’oeuvres, for rendering fats, making aspic jelly , sauces, pickles and other larder preparations.
· Spilling or boil overs should be wiped and cleaned with warm water and soap solution. The burners need to be cleaned on the periodical basis.
· The enameled parts of the surrounding should be sponged down with water. Abrasives should not be used as they damage and scratch the enamel.


· These are used for grilling or toasting many foodstuffs for making savouries and canapés and for grilling sausages etc.
· For cleaning the burners should be lightly brushed to prevent the holes from clogging. The metal reflectors should be wiped on a regular basis.
· The fat drip tray must be emptied and cleaned daily. A little water in the tray will help the grease from baking on. Do not allow the crumbs to burn in the tray .
· The enamel parts must be wiped with a damp sponge on a daily basis


· These are used in the butchery for jointing and cutting meats.
· They have the advantage of being reversible. They can also be re-serviced when badly worn out by sawing at the timber yard.
· A good general rule is to keep the surface as clean and dry as possible and should be washed well and drained and dried after each use.


· They are mostly stainless steel or aluminium or latest can also be hard anodized. They require utmost care for maintaining them clean.
· They should be washed in warm soapy water and dried well after use.


· Steel tables are used as work tables. Always keep them clean and never use their surface for chopping or cutting as the damage can be two ways.
· Chopping boards which are color coded are used for this purpose.
· The tables should be cleaned by sponging with hot soapy water and rinsed with warm water and then dried after use.
· At the end of each session, the sinks, the counters and the floors must be well cleaned .

Other small equipment required in the larder section are-

· Serving spoons and ladles
· Sieves
· Colanders
· Conical strainers
· Meat presses
· Pie moulds
· Whisks
· Egg slicers
· Steel basins
· Graters
· Cutlet bat
· Trussing needles
· Larding needles
· Larding pin
· Lemon zesters
· Vegetable scoops
· Butchers hooks
· Skewers
· Brino-meter

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