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A Hotel Management System (HMS) Fidelio is a completely integrated system package designed to maximize the efficiency of the hotel. Fidelio is one of the world’s best selling front office systems, and it is the system of choice for Hilton International, Inter Continental, Mandarin Oriental, Forte, CIGA and many other chains and independents around the globe.

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Fidelio created the original electronic room rack. Complete, graphical plan illustrations of each floor allow your front office staff to monitor and control the occupancy of every room in the building. Using a system of twelve different colour codes, the status of each room is visible at a glance – either currently, or at some future date. Yellow indicates a room is “clean and vacant”, blue is “dirty and arrival expected”, and so on. Reservations data can also be shown in tabulated form to give an overall occupancy picture for any specified day.

For group bookings, from the most complex convention to airline allotments, the group and block management functions handles it all. Master billing, split rates, staggered arrivals, package plans, group history, room type control, block forecasts and traces – they all help to optimize group business, without the time consuming paperwork.

As well as handling room management, FIDELIO Front Office maintains all guests’ accounts, and offers numerous other facilities such as mailing, word processing, and customized printout of confirmation letters, guest messages and other documents.

( Source : Fidelio’s brochure).

It is highly flexible and user friendly interface which means that the hotel staff learns the system easily.  It has a special training module which enables the learner to work and learn quickly. Fidelio is one of the most advanced Hotel Management Software and is Munich based. To save Fidelio from any virus, the software has its own special file. If the virus gets into the system Fidelio detects it and leads it into a non-usable file from main data base file and locks it. An additional software called ‘Red Alert’ can also be used with this system.

Importance of Fidelio in Inter-Department

  1. Promotes functionality of all departments wherever installed.
  2. Reduces paper work and saves money on extra stationery.
  3. Eliminates communication gap between departments and helps in providing quality service to the guests. The inter-departmental co-ordination leads to an attitudinal development in the staff.
  4. Between departments it saves time and reduces work load, thereby increasing productivity.
  5. Helps in upkeeping of the hotel’s goodwill with the guest.


IDS or internet distribution system is one of the most important tools in promotion of the hotel globally. IDS for hotels is highly recommended which has pioneered online booking and reservation of hotel rooms worldwide.

IDS for hotels is highly recommended for the small and midsize hotel entities that are trying to force their place in the competitive hospitality market. The IDS for hotels connects your hotel with around 11,000 online travel portals including some popular hotel booking websites like Expedia, Orbitz, Hotwire, TravelNow, Travelocity,,,, Agoda, Priceline, and many more.

Benefits of the IDS for hotels:

Presence across the Globe: Most important and vital advantage that IDS offers to the hotels is the worldwide presence. Internet has simplified life and online booking and reservation of the hotel rooms has specifically made things easier for the customer to plan and schedule visits to different destination without sweating around the offices of travel agents.

The online booking is very popular and when it comes to hotel rooms it is most preferred medium to reservation. Being an online entity, anyone can visit the website and search you – hotels, without any problem to book the rooms. This gives hotels a lot of visibility among the customers and it can be accessed from any part of the world without any help from anyone else.

Easy Connectivity: because internet distribution system is totally an online thing, hotel management system can easily connect with different distribution channels without any problems. Over 11,000 websites and 6, 50,000 travel agents across the world are reachable on the internet. IDS for hotels allow the travel agents to see the hotel rates and availability in real time with photos and information that helps travel agents and their customers in making a decision.

Broaden Market Reach: In the conventional system hotels used telephones and travel agents to create a market for their business but the reach was always constrained. The internet has no such hurdle. It is easily accessible and reachable beyond boundaries which mean anyone can access the hotel from any part of the world through internet. This open for all system allows hotels to penetrate deeper into the global market.

There are many other benefits of the IDS for hotels which is why most of the hoteliers are now choosing to step up to the IDS and make themselves visible to the world.


The ShawMan POS is state of the art plug and play software supporting multiple styles of operations ranging from a small Fast food outlet, Coffee shops, Fine Dining operations, large Mall to a large Leisure / Spa Resort. ShawMan POS is currently in use by leading hotel chains, restaurants, fast food chains, malls, entertainment centers and corporate.

Key features of Shawman POS

  • Enables control of remotely located outlets from a central head office with rule based setups & process definition and consolidation of data, which is automated at time of day-end/closing.
  • Support for multi – currency
  • Orders can be taken for “A la Carte”, No charge, Board
  • Choice of different style sheets for F&B operation like Fine Dining, Regular, Counter Sale, Around-the-Clock, Room Service as well as Non F&B Direct Biller & Leisure.
  • Provision for Franchisor – Franchisee style of operation
  • Can constantly update the Chef’s specialty, Seasonal and Non-available items, Happy hour and On the house items.
  • Descriptive free flow text / coded modifiers with or without a charge
  • Software Supports Multiple Food & Beverage & non F&B Outlets at Hotels & Clubs & service apartments.
  • Automatic prompts for compulsory modifiers, parcel orders, remotely communicate with the kitchen every variation and customer request
  • Multiple settlement types possible
  • Reservation diary for guest bookings
  • Remote Printing of KOT’s to 20 pre-defined distant locations per outlet.
  • Member entry management system using magnetic cards
  • Debit card system enabled
  • Canteen management system
  • The POS software also support Smart cards for CRM applications.
  • PoratPOS – The Pocket PC (PDA) application for complete Wi-Fi operations
  • Digidiner – A virtual view of the restaurant
  • KDS – Kitchen display system
  • Supports touch screen as well Keyboard operations
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