Hotel management salary in India – Why it is the best job in India? (Personal Experience)

Jobs in the hospitality industry are on the rise. Hotel front staff and managers have the opportunity to work within independent and chain hotels with no prospect of job shortages. Managers in particular have the best opportunities for advancement, salary increases, and travel. Below are the top five reasons of why hotel management is the best career and why hotel management salary and job in demand in India.

Job ProfileSalary Offered (in Rs)Median Salary Offered (in Rs)
Restaurant Manager272,455-870,185404,400
Executive Chef253,707-3,234,931970,368
Sous Chef292,362-1,001,181511,995
Assistant Sales Manager216,991-570,366415,628
Duty Manager177,182-522,931303,177
Food and Beverage Manager247,411-1,818,317772,267
Account Executive240,171-583,226231,386
General Manager (Hotel)716,173-6,339,2481,196,985
Front Desk Agent66,462-198,197144,036
Front Office Supervisor89,228-305,845180,334
HR Manager461,410-1,706,927600,124
Housekeeping Manager161,225-713,670472,362

Hotel management salary in Inida (personal Experience)

Hi friends, I’m Dipayan. I am a certified Hotelier & a Restaurant Manager of a renowned 5-star luxury hotel and a hospitality trainer from India.So, today I will discuss the most frequent question of every student that What is hospitality management salary or Hotel direction salary each month in India.

So, most of the students who want to join the hotel industry, they have confused, for one thing, Is this industry great or not? Is this industry gives plenty of money or not? All your doubts will be cleared now after reading this article about hotel management salary. 1 thing that I told you that this industry is a really very huge industry and should you join the hotel industry now, then your career will be very bright in the future. When your hotel management course will be completed, it means after finish your path your salary in resort management will be approximately 16000 to 18000 rupes a month in India without PF(Provident Fund).

But in the event you’re able to crack MT, HOT, or OCLD level interviews, which means that your salary will be very high, and if you crack these kinds of interviews. After that, you’ll be transferred to a reputed hotel to train yourself for 18 months. Then your monthly wages after resort management will be a lot higher than before.If you join as a member, so your starting typical salary package will be 16k to 18k per month in India. But don’t be concerned about it if you join as a member and if you work hard and when you have good knowledge (which you can gather), you can grow yourself in this industry very first.And when you become a General Manager at a hotel, your salary will jump into 8 to 10 lacks per month, and it’s accurate.

Some more details about Hotel management salary package in India

Students with a hotel management degree or diploma earn varying salaries relying on many special causes. More commonly, the opening revenue for graduates of hotel management degrees is between 1,44,000 and 3,20,000 per yr. Those with a bachelor’s degree in hotel management with less than one year expertise earn a median earnings of 28,000; one to four years expertise 40,000; five to nine years expertise 50,000; 10-19 years expertise 60,000; and two decades or more 80,000.

Why Hotel Management is one of the best jobs in India

1. Good Salary in India

The average course Hotel management salary for a graduate of the BHM course is Rs. 6 lakhs per annum. This varies according to the arena of work of the aspirant, their diligence and experience in the workplace. Below is the designation and hotel- wise data of salary for BHM course graduates.

Hotel management salary in Dubai, USA, Australia and Canada

Hotel managers have great pay. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, hotel managers can make a median of $46,880 per year or roughly $22.54 per hour. The BLS Occupational Employment and Wages’ statistics list the National estimated wage for a lodging manager to be $26.49 per hour or $55,100 per year.

Hotel managers are often trained to do their day in and day out duties, so they are not required to have a high level of education. The entry level requirement for a hotel manager is to have a high school diploma or equivalent and one to five years of relevant work experience.

2. Salary potential

Traditionally salaries within the hospitality, travel, and tourism sectors are lower than those in other industries. However, there are still certain roles in these sectors that can prove financially lucrative.

Starting salaries for hotel managers are in the region of £20,000 to £40,000 depending on the location and size of the hotel. In London, general managers earn, on average, £85,000 with a range of £50,000 to £200,000 for the largest, most prestigious hotels.

3. Plenty of job openings

The latest job outlook shows that there are plenty of jobs open for hotel general managers. This opportunity for more jobs is expected to grow 12 percent in the next 10 years. At the time of this report, there were 121,000 job openings open for hotel managers.

4. The chance to travel

hotel management jobs in dubai

Hospitality, travel and tourism opportunities, including jobs in hotel management, exist in countries all over the world. If you work as a manager for a large chain hotel you’ll have the chance to travel not only locally and nationally, but also internationally. The more experience you have as a hotel manager, the more opportunities you have for advancement into higher management positions. To get the most from these opportunities, take business, or management related courses. According to Total Innovation Group Inc., business management courses can teach you how to become a leader in your field, how to sell your ideas, and how to develop successful marketing strategies. These skills are invaluable when it comes to solidifying your position in management or excelling into an executive position.

5. Good Quality of Life

Hotel managers have a good quality of life. Most of this is due in part to having good working hours and conditions, as well as, the option to live on site for free or at a reduced rate, saving the hotel manager money and allowing them to have less commute or travel to work. A recent survey was published in CNN Money showing that most hotel managers rated their job a “B” for personal satisfaction, job security, and for the benefit to society.

Hotel management salary in Dubai

Job ProfileSalary Offered
Waiter/Waitress, Hotel
AED 17k
ReceptionistAED 24k
Executive ChefAED 220k
BartenderAED 24k
Sous ChefAED 66k

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