Cookery is defined as a “chemical process”, the mixing of ingredients; the application and withdrawal of heat; decision making, technical knowledge, and manipulative skills. In the more advanced stages, a further element occurs- that
of creativity. Cookery is considered to be both an art and technology. Food preparation is a modern term in professional cookery. It denotes preparation and cooking. It follows a flow pattern which commences with the purchasing and selection materials, their handling, processing and the ultimate presentation of dishes to customers, where “food service” takes over. In French, the word cuisine denotes –the art of cooking-preparing dishes and the place kitchen in which they are prepared.
Today’s “food-savvy” customers are a widely traveled group. They have increased exposure to other countries food and restaurants and this has spurred them to have an interest in having these cuisines available at home. The
result is growth in food outlets specializing in previously ‘unknown’ foods’. The publics’ growing interest in grain, legumes, fish, vegetables, and fruits, along with a desire to reduce overconsumption of animal fat, protein and sodium have helped popularize nutritional cooking. Furthermore, they have spurred fundamental changes in the preparation and presentation of traditional foods. An evening out for dinner to a restaurant has become a form of entertainment – a restaurant is a destination where one can savor a quality experience. To provide this experience a number of things go hand in hand. At the front
of the house, it’s the manager and his team who provide impeccable service in a beautiful and apt restaurant setup, but the most important figure is the chef who with his brigade of staff churns out exquisite food to satisfy every palate.
Although cooking may have once been considered a less desirable job, today chefs are a new breed- respected, even admired, for their skill, craftsmanship and even artistry. Some chefs have received so much press coverage that their names are household words. The elevation of the status of the chef helps attract bright and talented people to the industry.

 Culinary History

Culinary history takes us back to the times when man first discovered the use of fire. This epoch-making discovery of fire brought about the refinement of mankind in all sphere of life. The biggest impact was felt in the preparation of
cooked food which eventually over the centuries has now matured into a full-fledged science. The history of cooking is undoubtedly as old as mankind itself. Earlier on, people were most accustomed to food preparation in the countries & regions
where they lived, but with the passage of time, and travel becoming an integral part of one’s lifestyle, eating habits have changed rapidly. Culinary history can be observed to have been influenced by the following
factors that have all contributed to the development of modern-day cuisine.• The accidental discovery of fire
• Origin of simple methods of cooking
• The invention of simple cooking appliances
• Geographical influences & the growth of regional cuisines
• Regional cuisines

Origin of Professional Cookery

The professionalism of cookery came about, with the efforts of several European chefs, such as Escoffier, Brillat Savarin & Paul Bocuse. All of them wrote several books and helped bring about a proper organization of continental
cuisine. Paul Bocuse is also credited with the creation of the Nouvelle Cuisine. Escoffier formulated Partie System of kitchen staff organization and also classified stocks and sauces which are the foundation of continental cookery. The French
cuisine was also classified by these chefs. The purpose of this classification was to make it easier to study and refine the cuisine and also to provide a means of training cooks in these areas. In fact, any national cuisine can be classified
according to this method of identifying its different components.
The classification of all national cuisines is as follows:
• HAUTE CUISINE: the exotic and high-class cuisine
• PROVINCIAL CUISINE: Regional cuisines
 BOURGEOISE CUISINE: Middle-class cuisine
• NOUVELLE CUISINE: Modern or New Cuisine
This is a modern innovation that eliminates the use of high-calorie items in menus. Emphasis is laid on the pre-plated and decorated foods. Glass, black ceramic plates are used to create good color contrast and make food more
presentable. The origin of this cuisine is attributed to Paul Bocuse. However, the term simply means “New Cuisine” the idea being to suit the modern needs of low-calorie foods that are good for the cardio-vascular system 4 Hotel Operations
of the human body. The cuisine answers the needs of the modern generation which is very health conscious.

A career in Food Service

This is an exciting time to begin a career in foodservice. Interest in dining and curiosity about new foods are greater than ever. More new restaurants open every year. Many restaurants are busy every night and restaurant chains number among the nation’s largest corporations. The chef, once considered a domestic servant, is now respected as an artist and skilled craftsperson. The growth of the foodservice industry creates a demand for thousands of
skilled people every year. Many people are attracted by a career that is challenging and exciting and, above all, provides the chance to find real satisfaction in doing a job well.


Cooks have attained a celebrity status due to the importance; food preparation has gained over a period of time. Cooking has turned into a lucrative career and many people are aspiring to become chefs today.

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
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