Introduction to Fidelio Software (With Ultimate User manual)

Introduction to Fidelio Software

Fidelio is a complete integrated system package designed to achieve maximum efficiency of the hotel. This PMS is produced in Munich, Germany, advanced version 6.20. The demo version enables the employees to practice and learns in a real-life environment. Its main features of Fidelio are:

Introduction to Fidelio Software
Introduction to Fidelio Software
  1. It is DOS- based and the newer version-OPERA-is Oracle-based.
  2. It can protect its software from all sorts of virus. If a virus enters the system, it is transferred to a non- usable file from a database file in order to save the other files.
  3. It is flexible and easy to use the software.
  4. It can be easily operated with a minimum of training inputs.
  5. The red alert software can be used for extra protection of files from the virus.

Key Features of FIDELIO Hotel software


FIDELIO Reservation features are integrated with other functionality such as profiles, cashiering, and deposits. This module offers a complete set of features for making and updating individual, group, and business block reservations, including deposit handling, cancellations, confirmations, wait-listing, room blocking, and sharing.

Rate Management

An extensive set of features for setting and automatically controlling rates, for a rate quotation, and for revenue forecasting and analysis are integrated into FIDELIO hotel software to create the most comprehensive rate management system in the industry. FIDELIO interfaces with the FIDELIO Revenue Management Systems and other major yield management applications.

Front Desk

Arrivals and in-house guests are served using the Front Desk features This module handles individual guests, groups, and walk-ins, and has features for room blocking, managing guest messages and wakeup calls, and creating and following up on inter-department advisories, or traces.

Rooms Management

FIDELIO’s Rooms Management features handle all facets of room supervision including availability, housekeeping, maintenance, and facility management. The Queue Rooms feature coordinates Front Office and Housekeeping efforts when guests are waiting for rooms that are not immediately available for assignment.


Posting guest and passer-by charges (including taxes and other generates), making posting adjustments, managing advance deposits, settlements, checkout and folio printing are a few of the many activities handled by FIDELIO Cashiering. Cashiering accommodates multiple payment methods per reservation including cash, check, credit cards, and direct bill. In multi-property environments, guest charges can be cross-posted from any property in the hotel complex.

Global Perspective

FIDELIO PMS supports multi-currency and multi-language features to meet the requirements of global FIDELIO expectations. Rates and revenues can be dynamically converted from the local currency to any other currency. The appropriate language for guest correspondence can be automatically determined by the guest’s profile language; country-specificaddress formats are supported.


FIDELIO offers over 360 separate standard reports. Reports can be customized for each hotel and new reports may be created as needed using FIDELIO’s built-in Report Writer.

Accounts Receivable

AR is fully integrated with the FIDELIO database and includes direct billing, invoicing, account aging, bill payments, reminder and statement generation, and account research. Old balances from external accounting systems may be entered.


The whole operating system can be operated by using the Function keys(F keys/Hot keys).

  • These keys help access information which is commonly required and is general in nature.
  • These Function keys can be accessed at any time and can be opened simultaneously when working in any part of the various modules.
  • There are a total of 30 functions available including a combination of an F- key and Shift or Control functions.
  • A maximum of 3-4 F key functions can be opened simultaneously on the screen.

The main modules of Fidelio used are:

fidelio front office
  6. MENU


The creation of booking is possible for an unlimited number of rooms, guests and for an unlimited time unless that period has free capacities. If you do not have the available capacity, the rooms can be added to the waiting list. Booking entry module includes reservations for individuals as well as group reservations and block (allotment) reservation.

Group reservations can be fixed on the dates of arrivals and departures of all group members, or with flexible dates, when you enter the date of arrival of the first member of the group and departure of the last member of the group. There are different options to post charges (individual, group, etc.).. Check-In and assigning rooms are fully automated.
When entering a reservation it is possible to define room type, price, check-in time, the initial and final meals, method of payment, as well as the billing instruction to the company. A confirmation letter of booking is printed in the guest’s language.


Automated system to check in guests by reservation. At any moment you can check the expected arrivals, expected departures, and the view of guests in the hotel. This module allows you to enter messages for guests with printing option, and to track the status: delivered or undelivered.


Using module Cashiering you will have access to the balance of each guest, as well as invoicing in a user-defined format invoice in multiple languages. There are different styles of standard invoices. It is possible to merge invoices, and unlimited opportunities to split invoices, regrouping of posting, and transfer to other room or account. There are no restrictions on combinations of payment: credit cards, cash, invoices, check.


A complete overview of the rooms’ status with the possibility of changing their status. Graphical display makes it easy to access floors to the status of the room, and in the availability of capacity also. In addition to monitoring the status of basic rooms, you can change the room status to “out of use” with a defined reason.


Contains various functions of which report creation and printing is a major task. The various functions contained here are:

  • Reports
  • Word processing
  • Printer
  • Users log file
  • Batch Folios


Without logging off, users can operate the following:

  • Check out
  • Check-in
  • Canceled
  • Cashier

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