Safety Standards in Hotels

Safety –refers to the actual conditions in a work environment. It is freedom from injury or damage to property.

Security – refers to the prevention of theft, fire, and other emergencies. It is freedom from fear, anxiety, and doubts concerning humans.

Maintenance and housekeeping are two departments most prone to accidents –

-Labour intensive

-Nature of work

The management of any workplace is legally bound to provide a hazard-free environment to their employees. (Even Guests)

An unsafe work environment can be costly in terms of –Medical expenses, Legal expenses-Compensation, litigation, etc.

Productivity-loss of man hours and lower morale of employees.

                                    Safety management system

A safety management programme is designed to eliminate hazards before they cause serious accidents or damage.

The steps involved in a safety management programme-

  1. Review work procedures-JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS

Using Job Breakdowns from all Job Lists analysis of each job element is done. In the Job breakdown, additional columns are added giving a safe and standard method for performing each step. Further columns add additional safety tips section for each such step.

  1. Make department heads aware of the nature and variety of hazards- making a list of SAFETY RULES. The hazards in housekeeping are generally related to

-lifting heavy objects

-use of mechanical and electrical equipment

-use of chemicals.

  1. Establish a SAFETY COMMITTEE-consisting of key management personnel, supervisors and selected employees. They develop a security handbook and design training and awareness programmes . The role of the committee is –

       -To monitor, analyze and suggest solutions for recurring security problems

       -Maintain records of incidents. (theft, violence, etc.)

       -Conduct spot checks and audits.

-Investigation of security incidents.

-maintaining communication with police etc.

  1. Train staff members to implement Safety consciousness.

Training must begin on the first day. Orientation includes an introduction to the property rules and regulations. Written Safety rules must be read and signed by the employees.

Further employees must participate in safety education programmes at least on a monthly basis.

Refresher sessions must be done as and when procedures are refined or renewed.

  1. Practice Safety management-

            Follow standard universal laws on-



India has published and follows-

IS-15001:2000 INDIAN STANDARDS  on Occupational health and safety management systems –specifications and guidance for use.

  1. Investigate, analyse all incidences that occur inspite the Safety Management programme.
  2. Evaluate the effectiveness of the Safety Management Programme from time to time.

Three E’s of safety

  1. SAFETY EDUCATION-Employees must be trained in

-safe methods with particular emphasis on areas of potential danger and how these can be guarded against.

-Demonstrating the use of safety equipment installed in the establishment and location of first-aid materials.

-developing the ability to recognize the signs of hazards around them.

-Teaching staff the legal implications of non-adherence to safety procedures.

Training must start from first day at the workplace and employee’s suggestions must a;lso be taken.

  1. SAFETY ENGINEERING-Building in of safety features into the structure of the establishment-in selecting the design and features of the equipment, furniture and fittings and also arrangement of space.
  2. SAFETY RULES ENFORCEMENT-People must be motivated to follow rules and regulations and all safety rules must be enforced through rule and practice.

SIGNS AND TAGS for safety.

OSHA requires special signs for safety reasons like-

DANGER SIGNS- they indicate immediate danger and necessity of special precautions.OSHA signs of danger are in the colours-RED, BLACK and WHITE. Eg where caustic cleaning chemical has spilled.

CAUTION SIGNS-they warn against potential hazards. Their colors are YELLOW and BLACK.

Eg. A wet floor due to spillage or mopping.

SAFETY INSTRUCTION SIGNS-they gives general instructions in certain areas. They are GREEN and WHITE OR BLACK and WHITE. Eg. To instruct employees not to eat, drink or smoke in a storage area.


They are a temporary means of alerting employees of hazardous conditions or defective equipment. They are RED with WHITE or GREY letters. They are placed near electrical power equipment, ladders and other housekeeping tools.Eg. a vacuum cleaner with a frayed cord can read “do not start” or “out of service”.

Key terms-

OSH standards- Occupational safety and Health standards.

OHSMS-Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

HazComm-Hazard Communication under OSHA as per the Right-to-know legislation.

MSDS– Material Safety Data Sheets –they are forms with information concerning chemicals or cleaners. These have list of ingredients, health hazard data, special precautions of use, or protective gear required when using them along with any spill or leak procedures for the product. The forms can be obtained from the supplier and are to be safely placed at the workplace generally at the main office or stores.

UNDERWRITER’S LABORATORIES-(UL) An independent non-profit organisation that tests and certifies electric equipment or devices to ensure they are free from defects. Like ISI in India.

CCTV-Close circuit television.

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