Standard Recipe with example

What is Standard or Standardized Recipe ?

Standard recipe is the process of standardizing recipes so that they can be controlled in terms of cost and quantity. It is important not to limit the creativity of each chef by standardizing recipes.

Hoteliers can easily control quantity, quality, and cost. In hotels where multiple chefs are involved in cooking the food, it is more efficient to use a standard recipe. It outlines all ingredients, production methods and quantities. This indicates how many portions will be served. This determines the size of the portion of production control. To reduce the number of recipes, you can add a section that allows for variation.

A standard recipe will yield a product that is nearly identical in taste and yield, regardless of who creates it.

Why Standardized recipe is important in any hotel industry ?

Standardized recipe or standard recipe is important because it offers the following benefits to any organization it is used to add simplicity, Creativity, consistency and also the inventory can be controlled by having the standardized recipe in any organization.

Simplicity– The food preparation becomes simple as all the necessary ingredients and their measurements or the procedures to make is already prepared so there are very less chances of risk of over or under ingredients. The storage is organized keeping in mind the use of the items as the most frequent items will be kept near to the person working. The cooking section or even the bar section where we already know the items and their items used will be more clean and organized.

Consistency – It is the most crucial part for any brand. I want to explain this with the following example. Imagine yourself eating at the KFC as you might already be aware about the taste of the items you’re going to eat. So, if there is a change in the taste it will restrain you from coming again and again to KFC. So, keeping a consistency in the taste and quantity is very very important as if the taste changes often the customers may not feel the same about it thus standard recipe is also important in this case.

It’s like a political base in an election. You need a solid set of supporters to build on. And your standardized recipes are what keep your supporters coming back.

Inventory Control– Standardized recipes make an effective inventory control and recipe costing tool for all bars and restaurants. When you know exactly what goes into a recipe, you have a reliable range of food cost or pour cost.

Standardized recipes should include the following information:

  • Name of the menu item – The name of the given dish that should match the name on your menu
  • Total Yield is the number of servings or portions a recipe makes, often the total weight of the recipe.
  • Portion size is the size or amount of an individual portion
  • Ingredient list/quantity – exact quantities of each ingredient (with an exception for spices that may be used to enhance the flavor)
  • Preparation Procedures – Instructions for specific operations (e.g. blend, fold, stir, mix, saute).
  • Temperatures and cooking times, along with HACCP critical control points – These are important to ensure that the dish is properly cooked and safe.
  • Special instructions – according to the standard format for an operation
  • Mise-en-Place – A list of small equipment or individual ingredient preparations
  • Instructions for service -, including hot/cold storage
  • Garnishing/Plating

The main advantages of using a standard recipe are:—

Standard Recipe example
Standard recipe format example
  • A well tried recipe ensures a consistently good finished product.
  • It controls portion size which is very important in costing a dish.
  • It is easy to determine the food cost of a particular dish.
  • It simplifies the pricing of a particular dish.
  • It reduces the possibility of error.

Disadvantage of Standardized Recipes:

These disadvantages of standard recipe include:

  • Less creativity allowed in standardize recipe
  • The time it takes to develop a good working recipe
  • The time it takes to train staff to follow recipes exactly
  • One of the disadvantages is that if you have to make any changes at all because you might not have the exact ingredients there will be a change in how good the food is. Another thing is that changes in altitude change how well things bake and boil. At sea level the boil temperature of water is 100 degrees Celsius while at 2000 feet the boil point is only 98 or 96 degrees.

Standard Recipe Format

What is the purpose of standard recipe cards?

Standard Recipe cards give chefs guidance, show amounts and types of ingredient to be used in a dish, they also tell the chef about specific equipment that may be needed. Recipe cards are important as they assist with making dishes consistent, time after time.

Every standardized recipe should include:

  • Recipe name. Pretty self explanatory. It’s what the dish is called.
  • Yield. How much following the stated amounts and instructions will produce.
  • Portion size. How much one serving for a customer is.
  • Weight/Amount. The numerical amount of a specific ingredient needed.
  • Measure/Unit. Every amount has a corresponding unit, i.e. 3 cups, 4 tablespoons. 
  • Ingredients. Again, pretty self explanatory.
  • Instructions. A sequence of to take to prepare the recipe.
  • Notes: Any allergy and dietary concerns.

Standard Recipes Example

Here we have given few standard Recipe Example of cocktails :-

Old Fashioned

standard recipe example
Standard recipe example

There may be no better test of a bartender’s mettle than ordering an Old Fashioned. The standard

– 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey
– 2 dashes Angostura bitters
– 1 sugar cube or 1 tsp sugar
– Orange twist garnish

Put sugar in glass. Cover it with dashes of bitters. Add whiskey and stir until sugar dissolves. Add ice, stir again, and serve. If the barman starts shaking the ingredients or muddling fruit, have your next round at another bar.


standard recipe example

Cloyingly sweet margarita mixes have given this drink a bad name. A well-made version is a fresh mix of lime juice and tequila, with a hint of sweetener:

– 2 oz silver tequila
– 1 oz Cointreau
– 1 oz lime juice
– Salt for the rim

Since this recipe includes fresh juice, it should be shaken. Serve over ice in a glass with a salted rim.


standard recipe example

A favorite of bartenders all over the world, the Negroni is a simple three-ingredient cocktail:

– 1 oz gin
– 1 oz Campari
– 1 oz sweet vermouth

Stir ingredients with ice.

Below you can find a standardized recipe card objective.

Objectives of Standard Recipe Card

standard recipe
  1. To determine the quantity and quality of ingredient to be used.
  2. To obtain the yield obtainable from a recipe.
  3. To determine the cost per portion.
  4. To determine the nutritional value.
  5. To facilitate portion control.
  6. It helps in costing of dishes, pricing menus for the banquet.
  7. It helps in uniform quality and taste.
  8. Require less supervision.
  9. Less training is required for a newly appointed employee.
  10. Establishes food cost control.

Standard Yield Test

  • TRIM TEST- Thetrim test determines the excess fat that has been left over by the butcher.
    • Trimming Yield Percentage = Fully trimmed meat/ Meat before trimming
  • AGING YIELD– Certain cuts of meat are required to be aged for varying length of time. Aging causes to lose weight due to loss of moisture in the meat. Normally 5% to 10% shrinkage occurs in the first two weeks of aging with lesser shrinkage upon further ageing. There is no convenient method to determine the ageing yield percentage.
  • BONNING YIELD– This yield gives you the amount of edible meat without bones.
  • COOKING TEST – All meat product will shrink during the cooking process due loss of moisture. The amount of shrinkage depends upon the degree of temperature at which it is cooked. The method of cooking affect the shrinkage. 

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