Time and Motion study in House Keeping operations

Time and motion study in housekeeping operations: 

Extensive research in the form of time and motion studies to analyse work methods has helped the industry to find better and easier ways to carry out tasks and save time and energy. The time and motion studies for a task calculate how long it takes, on an average, to perform a certain task. This helps in calculating staffing levels. To do a time and motion study, several staff members perform the same task (say, bed-making), one by one, their movements are studies and clocked. The results are compared and an analysis is done as to how long it takes on an average to perform the task. The best practices derived from this study are then used by everyone, so that the resulting performance will be more standardized and more predictable. Any of the methods discussed below can be used by the executive housekeeper to do a time and motion study in her department.

Pathway chart: this technique involves the study of the path covered by the worker in the undertaking and completion of a task. A floor plan of the work area is drawn to scale and fixed to a board on the wall. A long thread is pinned down at the starting point on the plan. The line of motion is marked using this thread-whenever the worker turns, that point is marked with a pin and the thread wound around it. The length of the thread gives an idea of the distance traversed in the completion of the task. The time taken is also noted down. Various pathways are tried out to find the simplest and smallest route to finishing the task successfully. This is done to achieve the least exertion and minimal loss of energy and time. This technique helps pinpoint all movements that can be reduced or eliminated.

Process chart: all tasks, in order to be completed, require a specific process or activity. In this technique, a close study of the process adopted is carried out and the flow of activity closely studied. A record of the time taken to finish the task is kept. All unnecessary movements and steps are then listed down, so as to be avoided in the final process adopted.

Operation chart: this technique helps one track down all wasteful expenditure of time and energy in all activities. The technique requires a detailed study of all the smaller activities making up a work process. The movements of the two hands are studies in great detail and a fine analysis shows where in the job delays are occurring.

Micro-motion film analysis: using a timing device, every activity is filmed. Then a detailed study, especially of the finer movements of the hands and other parts of the body, helps analyse the areas where changes need to be or can be made to carry out the task with the least expenditure of time and energy.

Cyclography: This is also a technique that uses filming. Here, a bulb is attached to the worker’s body (may be the hand, the legs, or the back). As the body or the body part so highlighted moves during the activity, the path taken is lighted by the electric bulb and hence easily captured by slow photography. The analysis of the complete film or the record of movement helps reveal how smooth and rhythmic the movements of the activity are. Thus, the worker may be guided to make the necessary changes.

Chronocyclography: In this technique, a film of the activity is made with small lights attached to the middle finger. The pattern or movement is filmed and finally analysed to find out which movements were unnecessary or arrhythmic and can be eliminated or improved upon

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