Safe Deposit & Key Control


Though hotel is not responsible for the guest valuables, the rule to this effect is written in the guest registration card and also notified in the in guest room .but a hotel offers a free safe deposit facility for his valuables.

Hotels have bank type of lockers installed at the front office cash. A locker is allotted to guest that can be opened by using two keys .the master key is with the front office cashier and other key is issued to the guest. A contract is also signed in between the guest and the hotel. Whenever a guest wants to open that locker it has to be entered into the locker operating register. Signatures are always verified with the specimen .head cashier inserts his key then a guest inserts his own key, and then only a lock can be opened. Guest is left alone to operate his locker. Guest can lock the locker with his own key. At the time of departure the guest is asked to vacate the locker.

If the key is lost by the guest .then the locker will be drilled open in presence of the guest and can be charged for the replacement of the locker.

If the forgets to vacate the locker, he or she has to be informed by the hotel to come and vacate it either personally or by sending an authorized person with authority letter.

These days some hotels have installed an electronic safe deposit box in each guest room .this safety box can be operated by using an electronic number. Guest can use any number to open the lock. The number selected by the guest becomes the locker’s code number .the guest’s are advised to keep there valuables in the electronic safety box. Though hotel is not responsible for any lost item .But hotels take this issue as prestige issue. So an inquiry is done on the hotel security level.

Key Control

It is the duty and responsibility of the front desk staff to ensure the right guest is given the key to his room and his safety and security pertaining to issuance of key is not compromised or violated during his stay in the hotel.

Front Desk Agent should never give keys, room numbers, messages, parcels or mails to any person without first requiring appropriate identification.

For Security reason hotels uses at least three types of keys, Emergency Key, Master key and guest room keys. Types of keys used may vary hotel by hotel but the process of handling them remains pretty much the same.

When Guest Request for room key:

  • Request for Guest’s last name and room number.
  • Cross check the information given against by guest against the reservation details on the hotel software (PMS).
  • If there any mismatch is the details provided then request for any valid photo identification like passport, Driving license, government ID cards etc. Do not handover the room keys without proper authentication of the guest identity.
  • If no picture identification is available by the guests, the Front office assistant must accompany the guests to the room to confirm the identity. When being challenged by our actions, we are to inform the guest:

“We are doing this for your security and safety. We appreciate your understanding.”

  • Only in an emergency situation can we use the information on the guest passport number, date of birth, address given to the hotel on arrival etc. to ascertain against computer’s record.
  • When in doubt with the identity and guest refused to be escorted to room, inform the Front office manager immediately. If the Team Leader or Assistant Manager – Front Office could recognize the guest, give the duplicate key to the guest while reinforcing politely why we need to perform the identity check.
  • Check if guest requires additional key or if he has lost his previous key.
  • If guest requests additional key, program a new key with duplicate code.
  • If guest has lost his previous key, program a key with new code.
  • Present the new key to the guest

Keys must never be issued to persons claiming to have the guest’s permission to enter the room unless the guest has personally given his /her verbal or written authorization to the Front Office team.

Room numbers should not be written on the keys in case keys are misplaced. A set of codes are encoded to differentiate keys being held by guests.

On Staff’s request entry into occupied room:

  1. Only designated operational staff is allowed access to occupied guest rooms. They are: Bellboys, Concierge, Front Desk agents, Housekeeping Manager, Assistant Manager– Housekeeping / Team Leader / Designated Room Attendant and Laundry Attendant, Mini Bar, F&B – Room Service Fruits Deliverer.
  2. Key machines should constantly be in ‘log off” mode. Access code should be known only to those designated personnel and not shared amongst other staff.
  3. Cashier may hand over the checked out room key to the bellman to collect luggage and check mini-bar and safe boxes. The bellman must return the used key to the same cashier after removing the luggage from the room.

“Show Room” / Sales mock up rooms Keys

  1. On a daily basis, a set of rooms will be blocked off for viewing purposes by the Duty Manager – Front Office.
  2. Two sets of keys to these rooms will be programmed and placed at the Front Office Reception for site visit purposes.
  3. Staff releasing the site visit keys must inform the receiver to return the keys back to the Reception upon completion.
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