Banquets : Food Service Areas ( F & B Outlets)

Banqueting is the term used to describe the service of special functions in an establishment which is separated  from  the  normal  dining  or service area  found   in  the  various  restaurants  within  the Hospitality sector. It involves service in special functions for a specific group  of people at specific times where food and beverages are pre-selected or determined under a specified budget.

Functions take place within banquet rooms (or outdoors) and are under the supervision and responsibilities of the F&B Department. The  Banqueting  Manager  has  the  administrative  control  of  all functions (applies to larger Hotels/Resorts).

Banquet  rooms consist of the actual functional room and  may  also feature pre-function areas  for registration or coffee breaks etc. Banquet rooms are suitable for both business and  leisure groups to hold; meetings, seminars, balls, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

Banquets can be very profitable and are a major revenue generating part of the hotel. In addition, successful banquets have an impact on the property’s community relations and can influence the number of rooms it sells to corporate accounts.

Banqueting allows great flexibility in pricing. High-volume food preparation assists to save money and can reduce food and  beverage cost. Moreover, food can be purchased on an “as needed” basis; therefore, excessive funds are not tied up in the inventory.