Staff Duties and Responsibilities



Banquet Manager :

(a)   Banquet Manager is responsible for approving all the booking after fixing up the rates.

(b)   He is incharge in deciding upon discounts and additional services.

(c)    He supervises function in terms of seating arrangement buffet arrangement and there is PR as well.

(d)   He is also responsible to maintain a checklist before letting out the function hall to the guest.

(e)   He should be a person with a list of detail because for certain special occasions he has to make suggestion and create the ambiance.

(f)     He is also responsible, for co-ordinate with the House-keeping, Maintenance, Accounts, Front Office and Kitchen.

(g)   He along with the chef is responsible for checking the quality of the food and make a change in the menu for dishes that do not sell.

(h)  He is also responsible for regrouping and training of staff.

Banquet Sales executive

(a)   He/she is responsible for getting all the business for the hotel.

(b)  He/she follows upon arrangements fixed up of menu writing of function prospectus. Making the contact showing the guest the hall and also marketing for the hotel.

(c)   He/she is also the guidance of a manager co-ordinates in Front office, Kitchen, maintenance and account fro the necessary requirement.

(d)  He/she is responsible for maintaining out going and incoming mails, banquet dairy, FP Board to read comments and suggestion books and all the files.

Maitre d’hotel :

  1.   He is responsible for operation as he decides upon the buffet arrangement seating arrangement, car arrangement, lighting, sound, and any other, extra arrangement to be hired.
  2.   He co-ordinates with the Kitchen stewarding and the Housekeeping fro cutlery, crockery, glassware, and linen respectively.
  3.   He is incharge of Hiring casual and distribute their wages.
  4.   He is responsible for bill settlement.
  5.   He approves the food before serving the guest
  6.   He should have a thorough knowledge of room specification, food, and wine combination, decoration Max, capacity and Menu knowledge.

Dispense Bar Staff :

If they are member of the permanent banqueting staff, they are responsible for the allocation of bar stock for various function, setting up of bar, the organization of the bar staff, control of bar staff during service.