Types of Hotel : Based on Star

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india destination wedding lead 866x487 1

Department of Tourism, Government of India classifies hotels under star system in our country. There is a committee known as Hotels and Restaurants Approval and Classification Committee (HRACC) which is headed by D.G. Tourism. It comprises of representatives from the Hotel Industry, Travel Agents Association of India, Department of Tourism Ministry & the faculty of Regional Institute Of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition etc.

In the * Rating , 1* is the min rating and 5* deluxe is the max. rating. 5* deluxe is considered to be equivalent of 1st Class hotel by international standard. Once the hotel gets standard classification from HRACC they become eligible for various benefits and relief’s from Government of India.

To be eligible to apply for classification the hotel must fulfill following basic requirements.

Must have atleast 10 lettable rooms which can be rented.

Carpet area of respective rooms and area of bathroom should adhere to the following units : –

5 Star Deluxe & 5 Star hotels

Single Room – 180 Sq. Ft.

Double Room – 200 Sq. Ft.

Bathroom – 45 Sq. Ft.

Types of hotel : 4 Star Hotel & 3 Star Hotel

Single A.C. & Non A.C. – 120 Sq. Ft.

Double A.C. & Non A.C. – 140 Sq. Ft.

Extra area may be provided if twin beds are provided in the room

Bathroom – 36 Sq. Ft.

Types of hotel : 2 Star Hotel and 1 Star Hotel

Single A.C. & Single Non A.C. – 100 Sq. Ft.

Double A.C. & Double non A.C. – 120 Sq. Ft.

Bathroom – 30 Sq. Ft. (or subject to local by laws)

All rooms should be provided with proper vitalization & ceiling fans. (2 Star and 1 Star hotel’s case)



  1. It must have atleast 25 lettable rooms with attached bathrooms having along bath and with most modern shower chambers.
  2. Construction, locality and architect of hotel should have a distinct quality of a 5 Star hotel.
  3. All public & private areas, should be centrally air conditioned, carpeted and equipped with high quality furniture.
  4. There should be a well designed and properly equipped swimming pool having life guards in attendance.
  5. There should be adequate member of guest elevator & service elevator functioning 24 hrs. By laws if more than 4 floors definitely lift should be there. Escalator also.
  6. There should be well equipped ladies and gents cloak rooms and well designed and well lit lobby area.
  7. There should be a reception, information and a cash counter functioning 24 hrs and attended by highly qualified experienced staff members. Also at the cash counter 24 hrs money changing facility available.
  8. There should be a shopping arcade having Flower shop, Beauty Parlour, Barber shop, Book shop, Antique shop and a recognized travel agency.
  9. Each room should be providing with telephone having STD & ISD facility. Also in the lobby there should be pay telephones and house telephones
  10. Should be a provision of channel music in public and private rooms. Each room is provided with colour T.V. and refrigerator.
  11. There should be well equipped specialty restaurants serving different cuisines.
  12. There should be atleast one bar or atleast a permit room (whichever by law)
  13. Pantry & Cold storage facility should be professionally designed.
  14. Hotels should offer both national & international cuisines and F&B Service should be of highest quality.
  15. There should be professionally qualified, experienced trained staff members who are smart & courteous having good communication skills.
  16. 24 hrs room service & coffee shop service.
  17. 24 hrs service for telephone
  18. 24 hrs service for hot and cold running water.
  19. Provision for laundry and any cleaning services.
  20. There should be adequate parking facilities for guest cars.
  21. Each room is provided with a vacuum thermos flask with iced cold drinking water.
  22. H/k in the hotel should be of the highest stds. With plentiful supply of clean linen, towels and blankets which is of the highest quality.
  23. There should be a dancing facility in the restaurant of hotel having light music, ghazals etc.
  24. There should be a business centre in the hotel.

4 Star Category

  • Services provided in a 4 Star hotel are same as in a 5 Star hotel except there is no provision for swimming, pool and also 50% guest rooms do not have guest baths.

3 Star Hotel Category

  • Hotel must have atleast 20 lettable room with atleast 50% rooms AC and rest of the rooms are well ventilated having a ceiling fan or air coolers.
  • Facilities provided are similar to that of 4 Star hotel.

2 Star Hotel Category

  • At least 10 lettable rooms out of which 75% rooms must have attached bathroom having a modern shower chamber and rest of the rooms will have a bathroom for every four of the remaining rooms with modern sanitation and running cold water.
  • There should be an adequate supply of hot H2O, soap and toilet paper.
  • 25% of rooms should be air conditioned & all the rooms should be ventilated clean and comfortable. There should be a reception counter with a telephone and this is maintained by trained staff members.
  • If all rooms are not provided with a telephone then each room should have a call bell and a telephone on each floor corridor.

1 Star Hotel Category

  • Minimum 10 lettable rooms out of which 25% with attached bathroom and a bathroom for every 4 of the remaining rooms.
  • At least 25% of the bathroom should have a W.C. with adequate supply of hot and cold water.
  • All the rooms should be properly ventilated & all rooms are provided with ceiling fan.
  • Should be reception counter manned by trained staff members and a telephone for guest use.