Uniforms & protective clothing

personal hygiene in kitchen
personal hygiene in kitchen

“More of protective clothing than uniform.” The chef’s uniform consists of the following:


• Keeps the head cool and prevents the hair from falling into the food.
• Cotton/cloth caps are difficult to maintain whereas, paper caps are disposable hence they are neat.
• The number of pleats on the chef cap indicates the number of ways in which an egg can be prepared.


• Absorbs sweat.
• Identification/designation.

Double-breasted jacket

• Protects the chest and front.
• Easy to remove overhead or sideways.
• Cotton cloth buttons – heat resistant.


• Below knee level.
• Double protection prevents the jacket & trousers from becoming dirty.

 Cotton checked trousers.

• Double shade hides the dirt.
• Identifies designation.

 Shoes and Socks.

• Clogs can be used but it is expensive
• Metal frame in front protects the toes.
• Easy to remove legs.
• Socks
• Absorbs sweat.
• Provides good grip.
• Steady steps while walking