How is it different from Hotel Business : Time Share & Vacation Ownership


A Hotel room is rented for a certain number of days where you have only one room to yourself. You may go down to a pool or restaurant or bar of the hotel which has to be shared with the other guests.

However, when we talk about Time Share, we own a certain place to ourselves on certain periods of time. You don’t pay for every night you stay there. The ownership is bought on basis of the number of years you wish to holiday there. It is bought by multiples parties unlike a hotel room and every member gets the condo to themselves for a certain time of the year that is distributed in a pre-decided order.

Not only this, you get two or even more rooms to yourself in a Time Share and the kitchen facilities or even pool is all to yourself. Time share is more affordable in long run.

One can also further earn money in Time Share, since certain members even rent these properties for one day events.